Could a telemedicine psychiatry appointment be a better choice for me than an in-office visit?

Telemedicine is very popular among adults between the ages of 25 and 34. It allows doctors to provide a wide range of health care services, such as check-ups, follow-up care, and medication management, without patients having to physically come into their office.

When it comes to seeing a psychiatrist for your mental health problems, how do you know when a telemedicine appointment is a better choice compared to an in-office visit?

Telemedicine Psychiatry Appointments

More psychiatrists are now offering virtual visits for their patients than ever before. Telemedicine or telepsychiatry has an unparalleled convenience for both patients and doctors. Instead of taking time off work and traveling to the psychiatry clinic, patients and doctors can now meet via a virtual visit from anywhere. All the patient needs is a smartphone or a computer, and a stable internet connection. Telemedicine visits are now covered by most health insurance companies, which comes out to lower costs for patients in some cases. Children, adolescents, and adults can all receive mental health services at home through telepsychiatry.

When Is a Virtual Visit Better?

It may be better to schedule a telemedicine psychiatry appointment if:

You Have A Disability or Disorder

Patients with a physical or learning disability or an anxiety disorder, who are more comfortable in their homes than around others, may find it easier to talk to a psychiatrist via a virtual call. Patients with autism are a good example. Patients with anxiety disorders may be overwhelmed by discomfort to make the most out of an in-office visit. Telepsychiatry has made mental health services available to a larger part of the population, including those with disorders and disabilities.

You Want To Be Discreet

For patients who feel uncomfortable seeking mental health services, telemedicine provides them the discreteness they are looking for. If you want discretion, virtual visits are perfect for you. You can see a psychiatrist right in the comfort and privacy of your home.

You Have a Busy Schedule

Busy schedules can prevent patients from receiving timely mental health services. This is true even if you work from home. If your schedule does not allow it, a telemedicine psychiatry appointment may be a better choice than a no-show for an in-office visit. You can see a doctor from your location of choice, be it at home or your office. Telepsychiatry appointments can be conducted outside business hours, as well. Talk to your doctor if you need this flexibility.

Social Distancing Due to Illness

If you are feeling physically ill, having to go to a clinic and wait in the waiting room can take its toll on your body. Patients with physical limitations are encouraged to use telepsychiatry. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, to keep your doctor and their healthcare staff safe, take advantage of virtual visits.

There is ample evidence that shows the effectiveness of telemedicine psychiatry appointments. Patients also report that they are very satisfied with the quality of treatment they receive through telepsychiatry.

Telemedicine Psychiatry Appointments in New York and Connecticut

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