Is Telepsychiatry for Me?

Advances in internet-based technology have enabled many healthcare providers to deliver convenient and affordable healthcare service to their patients remotely via video-calling technology. Among the healthcare professionals who can easily use telemedicine include psychiatrists, who can practice telepsychiatry in this format.

With telepsychiatry, patients who have mental health issues can connect with their psychiatrist via a video call for an evaluation, therapy, and medication management. Telepsychiatry provides instant and comfortable access to this care while also reducing any apparent stigma, because no one is seeing you go to a psychiatrist’s office. You can participate in these virtual healthcare appointments from the comfort of your home, car, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry Appointments

It may be in your best interest to set up a telehealth appointment with a trusted psychiatrist if any of the following factors are true for you:

You Want Total Privacy

Despite broad awareness about mental health issues, many people are still too embarrassed or paranoid about seeking professional help. If you are experiencing constant or uncontrolled anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), or depression, and you feel reluctant to seek in-person help, telepsychiatry can greatly benefit you because it offers complete discretion. Plus, this method offers natural social distancing because you don’t have to go anywhere.

Your Home Is Your Safe Space

Psychiatrists value patient comfort, and they are willing to adapt in order to accommodate their patients. If your home is your safe space where you can talk openly, you will likely find it easier to open up to a psychiatrist if you’re at home during your visit.

Telepsychiatry allows for privacy and safety, right from your favorite couch or chair. It’s like a doctor making house calls without actually being in the same room!

You’re Comfortable with Video Communication

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are becoming comfortable with video communication. People chat with their friends and family face-to-face but virtually.

Similarly, telepsychiatry enables you to talk to a psychiatrist via video communication. It’s especially helpful for patients who live in inaccessible locations or who live out in the country, but this type of doctor’s visit has become so commonplace that you could be in a next-door building and it is still not awkward.

Psychiatrist in New York City and Connecticut

Patients of all ages report very high satisfaction levels with telepsychiatry, and it equals in-person care in regards to accuracy, efficacy of treatment, and quality of the face-to-face interaction. Patients with mobility issues can also receive high-quality care from their homes or living facilities.

Dr. Mark Stracks of Psy-Visions is board-certified in adult psychiatry, and he is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of mental illnesses affecting patients of all ages. Dr. Stracks is known for his calm and comforting demeanor, and nothing makes him happier than seeing his patients improve and make a full recovery.

To schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. Stracks, call our New York City office at (718) 887-2918 or our Southbury, Connecticut office at (203) 405-1745. You can also fill out our confidential online request form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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