Remote Psychiatric Consultations

“Telepsychiatry” refers to a system that allows you to have evaluation and treatment appointments for mental health and substance-use issues remotely. We are able to use either an internet-based audio-video platform or a phone connection. The audio-visual platform approach is preferable. Telepsychiatry allows evaluations and treatment decisions to be made without you having to come to the office. Like an in-office appointment, we can then arrange to prescribe medications or order tests as needed. This can be very convenient given how busy many people are, the difficulty and stress that comes with travel, and recent public health concerns around the Covid-19 pandemic.

In theory, almost any mental health or substance-related condition can be treated using a telepsychiatry approach. However, it should be recognized that even though technology has come far in allowing us to have these kinds of sessions, they are still more limited than in-person visits. In many cases, the differences are small enough that the approach is reasonable to use. In some cases, however, it is not. The first concern is always that the treatment you receive is the best that we can provide. Dr. Stracks will inform you if he feels that he can treat you using a telepsychiatry model or if he feels it would not be to your benefit.

Even when Telepsychiatry is a good choice Dr. Stracks will still want to see you occasionally during the year in person. The frequency of these visits will be discussed before the start of treatment. However, circumstances may arise during treatment that warrant more in-person sessions.

In our New York practice, we do not accept insurance for Telepsychiatry. We accept certain insurance plans for Telepsychiatry in the Connecticut office, but it is completely dependent on whether your plan covers Telepsychiatry. Just because we accept your plan, in general, does not mean that they will pay for Telepsychiatry sessions. Dr. Stracks can discuss these issues with you specific to your particular insurance plan.

Telepsychiatrist in New York City and Southbury, CT

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