Is Telepsychiatry for Me?

Advances in internet-based technology have enabled many healthcare providers to deliver convenient and affordable healthcare service to their patients remotely via video-calling technology. Among the healthcare professionals who can easily use telemedicine include psychiatrists, who can practice telepsychiatry in this format. With telepsychiatry, patients who have mental health issues can connect with their psychiatrist via […]

Benefits Of Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry is a system that allows people to access mental health services remotely, either through an internet-based audio-video platform or a phone connection. Telepsychiatry can offer patients a number of benefits and ensure they get the support they need during times of difficulty. Lives are becoming busier and with the recent public health concerns around […]

The Effects of COVID-19 on Our Mental Health

With the spread of COVID-19, managing your physical health may seem difficult. There are many guidelines for keeping yourself safe from COVID-19 – wearing masks, social distancing, and careful washing of hands, for example. However, there are not many guidelines on how to handle your mental health. How Does COVID-19 Affect Our Mental Health? Social […]