How Can I Decide Whether or Not to See a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists help people deal with many kinds of issues, especially issues that are interfering with their work, sleep, or relationships. We tend to be hesitant about seeing a “shrink,” but the fact is that these professionals are medical doctors who can prescribe medication that can quell your issue – so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

The fear of having a mental illness can prevent people from seeking help for their mental or emotional problems, but rest assured that seeing a physician signifies that you are taking control. If you’re wondering whether or not you need to see a psychiatrist, consider whether one or more of the following factors are issues in your life:

Emotional Outbursts

Being occasionally sad, angry, and anxious are normal emotions. They are part of the rich tapestry of emotions that humans experience from time to time.

However, frequent emotional outbursts and anxiety are not normal. It may take a friend, manager, or family member to tell you that you indeed have emotional outbursts which warrant a medical evaluation and possible treatment.

Learning how to control your emotions and reactions is an important skill that will help you to get along with other people in every facet of your life, and a skilled psychiatrist can help you to gain that control.

Insomnia or Sleeping Too Much

Not being able to sleep or, conversely, sleeping too much, can indicate a sleep disorder that may be due to clinical depression. Sleeping too much could be a means of escaping from a problem.

An experienced psychiatrist can help you to get back on a proper sleep schedule, and the doctor may prescribe gentle medication that helps you get the sleep you need. This professional will identify the underlying cause of your sleep problems so that you can gain control of the issue.

Overuse of Prescription Medication or Alcohol

If you notice yourself overmedicating or drinking alcohol to de-stress, you need professional help from an experienced psychiatrist. This doctor will perform an evaluation of your condition and recommend strategies and treatments to put the issue into reverse, so you can get back to feeling normal.

Changes in Performance at Work or School

If your performance or productivity has suffered recently, it could be due to a lack of focus because of emotional issues. There is no need to try to diagnose this yourself – rather, a skilled psychiatrist can help you get back on track.

Frequent Physical Illness

Adverse effects on your psychological health can affect your immune system because mental health and physical health are strongly connected. If you notice yourself getting sick frequently, experiencing chronic body pain, an upset stomach, headaches, and missing school or work on a regular basis, seek professional help.

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