Finding the Right Psychiatrist for Your Teenager

A psychiatrist can provide support to your teen and help them deal with any mental health issues they may be having. There are many different types of psychiatrists and finding the best and most qualified one to help your teenager can be difficult. When finding the right psychiatrist for your teenager, choose from a pool of therapists who work with teens. Here are other tips to help you with your search.

Tips for Finding the Right Psychiatrist for Your Teenager

Choose one with experience helping teens. Teenagers have a unique set of problems that are different than those of children and adults, therefore the best psychiatrist is one who has years of experience treating teenagers. Above all, choose a licensed mental health professional. Most insurance companies will only cover sessions with a licensed psychiatrist.

Ask for referrals. Ask your friends for referrals for psychiatrists that have successfully helped their teenage children. This may be challenging since some people prefer to be discreet when it comes to problems with their children. But if you can secure referrals, it provides you first-hand knowledge of the therapist’s skill and communication style.

Do web searches. Search for psychiatrists in your area that specialize in treating teens with behavioral or mental health issues. Review the information on their websites and come up with a list of potential psychiatrists for your teen.

Make an appointment. The next step to take is to schedule a consultation with the psychiatrist to determine if they are the right fit for your teen. Take this opportunity to ask useful questions.

Questions to Ask a Potential Psychiatrist

You know your teen best. When you meet with a psychiatrist, check if their communication style and demeanor may help your teen feel comfortable enough to open up.

A few questions to ask that will give you a good sense of how the therapist works are:

  1. What type of license do you have and how long have you been practicing?
  2. How many years of experience do you have treating teenagers?
  3. What is the treatment approach you would take with my teen?
  4. What are the goals of treatment and how would you measure the effectiveness of the treatment?
  5. Will treatment include the participation of other family members?
  6. Do you offer telepsychiatry or virtual visits?

After talking to the psychiatrist, you should be able to tell how the therapist comes across in terms of expertise and empathy. You’ll be closer to deciding on who to choose for your teen’s care and treatment.

Psychiatrist in New York, NY, and Southbury, CT

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Stracks of Psy-Visions provides comprehensive and responsive care to his teenage patients. His family practice and psychiatry residency and years of experience treating patients of all ages, from pediatric to adolescent and adult patients, make him highly qualified to treat your teen. If you are shopping for a psychiatrist, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stracks in our New York or Southbury clinic. Call (718) 887-2918 or use our online appointment request form. We look forward to serving you!


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