The Effect of Panic Disorder on Social Relationships

Panic disorders can cause you to have episodes where you feel like you may lose control or are in immediate danger. You will notice that your heart is beating faster, you are having trouble breathing, and you may even experience chest or stomach pains during these spells. These attacks can happen anytime, and you may not have any indication that one is coming on. While it’s unpleasant for you, it may affect your relationships with others, as well. Fortunately, Dr. Stracks has a comprehensive understanding of panic disorders and can even help you improve your relationships with others.

Here are some ways a panic disorder can affect your social relationships.

May Cause You to Isolate Yourself from Others

The feelings you experience from your panic disorder may cause you to isolate yourself from others. This is especially true if you feel embarrassed to engage in social interactions because a panic attack may happen at any time. When you have panic disorder, you might avoid activities, as well, especially that involve others. This could cause you to feel depressed because you can no longer live life normally and partake in your favorite pastime activities.

If You Find it Difficult to Trust Others

Panic orders may interfere with friendships and other social relationships if you have difficulty trusting others. This is especially true if your panic attacks trigger because of a trust-related issue. You may come across to the other person as mistrusting or paranoid, as well, which can cause other people to be put off. The clinginess and other symptoms of panic disorders may make other people feel uncomfortable around you. They may feel like they’re walking on eggshells, especially if you exhibit a mistrust for them.

Can Make You Too Dependent on Loved Ones

This goes along with trust issues. When you have a panic disorder, you will feel very vulnerable and stressed. This can cause you to become too clingy on loves ones. An overdependence on another human being can also stem from feeling helpless and wanting someone you trust to help.

In some cases, a person with panic disorder may encourage others to stay home and avoid gatherings and public outings, as well. If the people you are stopping are your family and you refuse to take them or allow them to go out to certain places because of your own fears, they will feel overburdened. This can severely strain your relationship with them.

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