How to Say “Goodbye” to Depression

Depression – what it is

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world.  according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Depression is a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease. It  can be treated. With the  right combination of treatment, you can  bade depression goodbye. Here are suggestions on how to end it:

Accept That You Need Help

There is greater acceptance now for people who are depressed. People become depressed; people who are depressed need help; people who are

Reach Out to a Mental Health Professional

Just as you would seek treatment for a physical ailment, you need to seek treatment for depression.. A psychiatrist is a mental health professional, trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating depression. A psychiatrist will listen to what you have to say about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, which is a critical part of the evaluation process.

The results of the evaluation will determine the type of depression you have and whether you need medication or plain management to treat it. Most patients who were able to successfully beat depression were treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. With proper treatment or management, you too can beat depression. This is a positive step you can take to defeat the illness.

Local Psychiatrist in the Tri-State Area

Dr. Mark Stracks of Psy-Visions is board-certified in adult psychiatry and regularly treats patients with depression using a customized plan for each. He puts you at ease with his calm and comforting demeanor and truly cares about you making a recovery. Talk to Dr. Stracks about what you are going through and what’s making your life very difficult. He is always ready to listen.

To schedule a consultation with a psychiatrist, call the Psy-Visions clinic at (718) 887-2918 in New York or (203) 405-1745 in Connecticut or request an appointment online  NOW!

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