Why Should You See A Psychiatrist In NYC Right Now?

If there is anything sure nowadays, it’s uncertainty. Since the start of the pandemic, everyone has had to make adjustments one way or another and slowly settle into a new normal. Anxieties about catching the virus, being isolated away from friends and family, fears of losing your job or business, worrying about how to make ends meet, and the overwhelming stress of running your household in such an environment can drive even the most level-headed person to the brink.

Your mental health is an important part of your overall health. If you’re undergoing difficulties and it’s starting to affect your mental health, a psychiatrist can provide support and guidance to help you cope with difficult situations and give you insights into the complexities of the mind.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should see a psychiatrist right now.

If You Are Feeling Hopeless

Hopelessness is a sign of depression. Looking at the world through a lens of hopelessness can warp your way of thinking and spill over into your communication skills with family, friends, and peers. It can create a negative environment at home, which given the current situation, can have greater repercussions on family life. While everyone feels scared, sad, or down once in a while – especially during the pandemic – you should not feel this way all the time. If hopelessness, sadness, or depression are becoming a part of everyday life for you, talk to a psychiatrist.

If You Have Overwhelming Fear

Fear has an evolutionary function: it promotes survival and keeps you alert in the presence of a threat. COVID-19 has terrified a lot of people, and while it is okay to feel scared sometimes, letting fear take over your life is not normal. If you find yourself being so scared that you refuse to go out even with PPE, avoid meeting with loved ones in fear of contracting the virus, or find yourself having panic attacks induced by fear of the virus, your fears may stem from a mental illness.

You Are Unable To Sleep

Sleep is very important in maintaining good health, and only good quality sleep is restorative to your mind and body. If you are unable to sleep or have insomnia, you probably have a million worries and anxieties running through your mind. While your sleep cycle may have shifted slightly because of the lack of activities you can participate in from home, chronic sleep problems are not normal, even during a pandemic. A psychiatrist can help you work through your mental struggles and prescribe medication that can help you sleep, if necessary.

Psychiatrist Offering Telepsychiatry Services in NYC

At Psy-Visions, we provide comprehensive psychiatric care for patients with mental health issues. Speaking with a professional about your fears and anxieties is the first step to recovery. Dr. Mark Stracks, our board-certified psychiatrist, takes time to listen to his patients, and can provide customized treatment to address the underlying issues causing your symptoms.

For your safety and convenience, we are proud to offer remote psychiatric consultations. For questions about our telepsychiatric services or to schedule a consultation, call (718) 887-2918 or fill out our confidential form now.


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