Tips to Help with Anger Management

Are there times during the day when you lose control and snap? If so, do not feel alone. There are a lot of people who have anger management issues, and there are ways to deal with it.

The trick is to recognize the signs and interrupt the natural progression that leads to losing control. By implementing one or two simple steps, you can actively take control of your emotions rather than letting them take control of you.

Let’s talk about some of those steps, and see what might be helpful in your own life:

Think, Then Speak

In the heat of the moment, it is very easy to carelessly say hurtful words – even to the people you love. By purposely taking a moment to stop and collect your thoughts, you can let your thoughts control your feelings.

Take a Time-Out

Sometimes it’s best to just walk away and clear the mind. By putting some space in between others and yourself, you can regain control of yourself before you do or say something you may regret later.

Decide Not to Hold a Grudge

Holding onto grudges just allows unhealthy anger to fester in your mind. A grudge can take up much of a person’s energy and focus. Learn to forgive others for their mistakes and errant ways.

Practice Relaxation Skills

Learn how to meditate, and focus on controlled breathing that helps you to relax. These two tricks can help defuse your anger in any situation.

Practice whatever seems to work best for you: writing in a journal, doing yoga, or listening to music. Everyone relaxes differently – so find what works best for you to relax in a pinch, and practice it whenever and wherever anger strikes your mind.

Exercise to Get Rid of Anger

Use your anger to push yourself into a constructive, positive frame of mind, and exercise in whichever way you like best. Whether you like to lift weights, run, jog, swim, or use a punching bag, just get it out of your system in a way that’s actually beneficial to your personal fitness levels.

Know When to Seek Advice

If none of the options listed above are working for you, talk to a professional counselor who specializes in anger management. The last thing anyone wants is to lose control of their emotions with others. It can ruin friendships, marriages, and family relationships. It just is not worth it.

Experienced Psychiatrist in Connecticut

If you or someone you love has a problem with anger management, talk to a psychiatrist who can show you how to take back control of your thoughts and feelings. Dr. Mark Stracks is board-certified in adult psychiatry, and he has years of experience in helping patients get to the bottom of their anger issues – so they can get past them and not let the issues control them anymore.

If you are near Southbury, Connecticut, contact our caring team at Psy-Visions by calling us at (203) 405-1745 or request an appointment online, and let Dr. Stracks show you some helpful strategies in dealing with your anger in a positive, constructive way.

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