School and Motherhood Anxiety

As any mother can tell you, a mother-child bond is like no other. Motherhood has many joyful moments, yet some mothers are blindsided when faced with huge stresses after giving birth, resulting in postpartum depression.

Even well after childbirth, the stresses of motherhood can overwhelm them and lead to anxiety or depression that can set in at any time. One of the most overwhelming experiences for moms already suffering from mental health issues is sending their child off to school.

With all the bad news circulating in the world today, and anxiety that just won’t quit, adding school to the equation can prove to be too much.

Postpartum Stress

Any mother who has suffered depression, anxiety, or mood changes before, during, or after pregnancy is more at risk for developing anxiety at later stages of her life. Any major life change, such as a child leaving home for school for the first time, can trigger even more anxiety.

It’s well known that women’s bodies and minds go through a huge change after giving birth. The high levels of hormones that sustain a pregnancy plummet sharply after delivery, and the physical demands of childbirth leave women literally spent. Add to that the overwhelming responsibility of caring for a new baby – on top of work and family responsibilities – and you have a pressure cooker of a situation.

Postpartum depression and anxiety may last for weeks, months, or longer if not treated. Although awareness has grown about the prevalence and dangers of postpartum depression and anxiety, there still is a need to get the word out to new mothers about getting help.

Learning to Trust

Anxiety disorders take away a person’s ability to relax and to assess real versus imagined dangers. In the United States, children are generally very safe at school. But watching the news every day can fill mothers with dread, worry, and panic.

For example, school shootings are a modern-day terror that sadly dominates news feeds on a regular basis. It can be hard to remember that these occurrences are not the norm. When fear grips you and starts to affect your relationship with your school-bound child, it’s time to get help. 

Uncontrolled Anxiety Can Affect Your Child

Mental health experts emphasize the need to disconnect from the triggers that increase stress. Although you cannot control most of the events that occur in the world – and you can’t keep your child from school forever – you can control the way that you react to these real-life situations.

It’s also important to realize that anxiety disorders or uncontrolled anxiety can negatively affect your child in many ways. Studies suggest that overcontrol by anxious parents can undermine a child’s sense of safety and self-esteem – so by trying to shield your child, it can have the opposite effect. 

Personalized Help in Connecticut

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