What You Need to Know About Your First Psychiatrist Visit

Mental health issues are much more common in the US than most people may believe.

There are countless reasons men and women of all ages meet with a psychiatric doctor. A psychiatrist is more than just a doctor to vent to; psychiatrists have the ability to prescribe medications that can help alleviate the effects of certain mental health issues.

Seeing a psychiatrist in real life may not be the same as what you’ve seen on TV or the movies. The media has created a very glamourized idea of psychiatry – but the real deal may not be as dramatic.

Here are some things you can do in preparation for your first psychiatrist visit.

Write It All Out

Speaking to a stranger can be difficult, and some people even freeze or forget the issues that they wanted to discuss. Before your first psychiatric appointment, write down anything and everything you want to discuss. Write down your past experiences and recent thoughts or feelings. You may also want to remember questions that you have for the psychiatrist regarding their techniques, education, and experience. Remember that it’s a safe place and you can discuss anything that’s on your mind.

Bring Emotional Support

It can be difficult and fatiguing to sit in front of a psychiatrist and dig deep into your past or express emotions really close to the heart. It may help to bring a friend or family member to your first psychiatric appointment to make it easier. They can provide emotional support, help you feel more comfortable in a new setting, and fill in the blank spaces of your memory from a certain event or trauma. They may also be able to offer their personal perspectives on any symptoms they have witnessed or experienced. Your psychiatrist may offer suggestions on how they can best support you during this journey.

Be Open and Honest

A psychiatrist is there to guide you toward good mental health. You can help the doctor help you by being as open and honest as possible. Everyone’s natural first instinct is to hide the undesirable stuff. But providing your psychiatrist a clear picture will help him or her help you. There is no need to feel ashamed: the psychiatrist’s office is a judgment-free zone. Plus, it’s likely they have heard something similar before and will know how to effectively treat the issue. They may also ask you deep or personal questions. Try not to focus on how you’ll appear; be honest with yourself and honest with your psychiatrist.

Prepare for Prescriptions

You may not get a prescription from your doctor on your first visit but if you do, make sure you understand exactly what it is, what it’s for, and what the common side effects are. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues or pain management, contact Psy-Visions. We offer comprehensive, responsive care tailored to your individual needs. As an experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Mark Stracks provides customized treatment that addresses the underlying physical and emotional issues causing your symptoms. Call (203) 405-1745 today and get the supportive care you need to help you resume control of your life. Or feel free to use our convenient online form to request your consultation with Dr. Stracks.

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