What Is Depression Therapy?

Depression is a common, but treatable, mental health issue. Part of the challenge posed by any mental health illness is getting an accurate diagnosis and meaningful help early, before the symptoms have a negative impact on your life. Our understanding about the nature and proper treatment of depression has advanced over the past several decades. […]

How Dementia Patients Can Benefit from Regular Psychiatric Visits

Many people assume that getting forgetful is just an unavoidable part of aging, but dementia goes beyond normal forgetfulness. There are different types and causes of dementia. If you or a loved one is noticing changes in thinking or the ability to function, a comprehensive exam by an experienced psychiatrist is essential. Continuing psychiatric care […]

The Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Mental health issues can be difficult for the people who suffer from them as well as for the people around them. It’s even more challenging when there’s a misdiagnosis – and two of the most commonly misdiagnosed mood disorders are bipolar disorder and depression. Although these two conditions have similar symptoms, these are different illnesses […]