Fighting the Opiates Epidemic with Suboxone Therapy

Did you know that opiate addiction isn’t limited to the use of heroin? Abusing prescription pain relievers that contain morphine or its derivatives can cause opiate addiction as well. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment approaches available for addressing opiate abuse. For decades since it was introduced to the public in 1947, methadone became […]

Opiate Addiction: How It Occurs

Everyone who has an opioid addiction story has a unique take on a common thread. It begins as a need to relieve pain, and it ends with wanting to recapture the good feelings that were experienced in the earliest stages of taking the prescription drug. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you […]

The Steps to Treating Opiate Addiction

Opioids are a strong class of medications that significantly reduce pain, lessen anxiety, and even bring about euphoria. Many people, therefore, seek out opioids because of these effects. Although some opiates are legal, such as those prescribed by a doctor, others are illegal, such as heroin. One of the problems is that people who have […]