Major Psychiatric Disorder: Is It Time to Book an Appointment with Your Local Psychiatrist?

A psychiatric disorder is characterized by dysfunctional thought patterns, moods, or behaviors that can be severe and persistent in nature. A psychiatric disorder doesn’t just dissipate; it needs proper intervention to be effectively managed, as it can greatly affect your quality of life and increase your risk of pain, disability, loss of freedom, or death. […]

Effects of Anxiety in the Body

There is growing evidence of the relationship between anxiety and physical health. Being anxious is a normal response to a perceived threat – and whereas it used to be a person’s reaction to seeing a nearby tiger or bear, in today’s modern society we feel anxiety before a job interview, a date, or a special […]

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Everyone worries – but generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) makes you worry all the time, even if you and your loved ones are safe and things are going well for you. GAD causes people to fixate on things that don’t pose a threat. The anxiety may eventually takes over your life, your work, your relationships, your […]