Substance Abuse Has No Age Limits

Substance abuse can be a sensitive topic, but it affects more people than you think. According to the World Health Organization, over 35 million people worldwide suffer from substance use disorder (SUD). This condition affects teens, young adults, and even the elderly. Risks to Substance Abuse Here are some of the factors which pose risks […]

Warning Signs of Depression

Depression is both a mood disorder and a whole-body disorder. People who are diagnosed with depression experience persistent feelings of sadness and a lack of energy, influencing the way the patient thinks, feels, and functions in their daily lives. Clinical depression is different from occasional unhappiness or feeling “blue.” It can hinder the person’s work, […]

What Is Depression Therapy?

Depression is a common, but treatable, mental health issue. Part of the challenge posed by any mental health illness is getting an accurate diagnosis and meaningful help early, before the symptoms have a negative impact on your life. Our understanding about the nature and proper treatment of depression has advanced over the past several decades. […]

A Look at Antidepressants

An antidepressant is a medication that is taken to help relieve symptoms of mild to severe depression and anxiety disorders. The aim is to correct chemical imbalances in the brain that negatively affect a person’s mood. Antidepressants alone will not cure depression, so the patient will need a combination of treatment methods – such as […]

A Loved One Suffers from PTSD

Life is filled with ups and downs; everyone has suffered loss, regret, pain and fear. But for some who experience or are witness to trauma – from seeing first-hand the horrors of war and human suffering to experiencing abuse or danger – the memories are closely held often buried deep. Oftentimes the effects of these […]

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

One of the more difficult mental illnesses to manage, borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is one of the four Cluster B types of personality disorders. With BPD, a person has issues regulating and controlling their emotions. Generally, manifesting during early adulthood, BPD is marked by periods of intense emotion, many moods, problems with self-image, and […]

5 Secret Signs of Hidden Depression

Many people assume it is easy to spot the signs of depression. Sometimes, though – especially in milder cases – depression doesn’t involve crying or feeling obviously unhappy all the time. Sometimes the signs are more subtle. People with hidden depression often don’t want to acknowledge the severity of their depressive feelings in the hope, […]

Grief and the Holidays: How to Cope

No matter what time of year it is, there is always a reason to celebrate. Holidays, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays are all great reasons to spend time with family and friends, honor traditions, and appreciate loved ones. But for those who have suffered a loss, grief is often an unwanted companion. If you are experiencing […]

Guide to Bipolar Disorder

Those with bipolar disorder – also called manic-depressive illness – experience a range of mental health problems that are characterized by abnormal mood swings. Although everyone experiences ups and downs, the extremes caused by bipolar disorder are extreme and disruptive to themselves and to others. Increased awareness and better treatments have helped reduce the stigma […]

How Dementia Patients Can Benefit from Regular Psychiatric Visits

Many people assume that getting forgetful is just an unavoidable part of aging, but dementia goes beyond normal forgetfulness. There are different types and causes of dementia. If you or a loved one is noticing changes in thinking or the ability to function, a comprehensive exam by an experienced psychiatrist is essential. Continuing psychiatric care […]