What’s the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

Seeking out a mental health medical professional is the right first step to achieving your desired state of mental health. But which one will better serve your needs – a psychiatrist or a psychologist? The names sound nearly the same. There can’t be much difference, right? Not quite. While there are a number of similarities […]

Treating PTSD Night Terrors

If you scream and flail in your sleep for a few seconds to a few minutes, it’s highly likely that you suffer from night terrors. One thing’s for sure, it’s an undesired occurrence that not only negatively affects you but also the people around you. While anyone can suffer from night terrors, there are some […]

A Loved One Suffers from PTSD

Life is filled with ups and downs; everyone has suffered loss, regret, pain and fear. But for some who experience or are witness to trauma – from seeing first-hand the horrors of war and human suffering to experiencing abuse or danger – the memories are closely held often buried deep. Oftentimes the effects of these […]

How Undiagnosed ADHD Can Cause Depression and Anxiety

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is commonly diagnosed in school children, but this doesn’t mean it’s a kid’s disease. There are many adults who develop the disorder after they mature, and others who have unknowingly struggled with the disorder for years but never received a diagnosis. Like any mental health issue, if left untreated, ADHD can […]

The Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Mental health issues can be difficult for the people who suffer from them as well as for the people around them. It’s even more challenging when there’s a misdiagnosis – and two of the most commonly misdiagnosed mood disorders are bipolar disorder and depression. Although these two conditions have similar symptoms, these are different illnesses […]

Benefits of Seeing A Psychiatrist Rather Than A Psychologist

If you’ve identified that you want to seek professional mental help, that’s an excellent first step to a happier, healthier you. Now, you’re wondering what type of medical professional you should seek:  a psychiatrist or a psychologist. While these professions sound similar, they come from very distinctive educational backgrounds and practices.  And while each plays […]

9 Questions to Get to Know Your Psychiatrist

Meeting a new psychiatrist is a little bit like going on a blind date. You don’t know anything about this person, except that maybe someone you trust referred you to them. Thankfully, unlike most blind dates, meeting a psychiatrist is the start of a healthy and healing relationship to get you to a better mental […]